Comment by Gara Pierre-David Takpara on November 23, 2011 at 7:37am


«No Olympics London 2012»


Pan-African Anti-imperialist Peace Platform -Stop NATO/US/EU WAR-

“Out of AFRICA”

Panamericana antiimperialista plataforma para la paz -Parar las guerras de la OTAN- U.S / U.E fuera de África.

Popular mobilization against imperialism and neo-colonialism


A common platform for African peoples and their grass-roots organizations to be involved in discussions and decision-making on the problems and challenges facing the continent.


Learning to learn, Communication, Motivation/goal setting, Problem-solving, Negotiation and teamwork, Group effectiveness, Organizational, Creative thinking


Independence, Peace, Union, Solidarity, Homeland

- Political independence and economic liberation necessary
- Need for unification of Africa (Africa United / United States of Africa)
- Direct democracy increase the chances
- The Fall of all forms of foreign domination necessary

“The UN did not create paradise, she built hell in Africa!”


The greatest weapon the colonial powers use against our people,(African people) has always been his ability to divide and conquer.

Only, united we stand


“We will be well on our way as a people when an African leader will boldly and unapologetically pray to an African God in public”.  Dr.  John Henrik Clarke


The UN, the IMF and the World Bank are bands of mafias plunderers in Africa. Africa does not need financial assistance or economic, but rather support and investment!



«No Olympics London 2012»


For MADD – Movment for African Direct Democracy-


Gara Pierre-David Takpara 



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